The most underrated kitchen appliance

The most underrated kitchen appliance

The microwave oven is probably the most common appliance in any kitchen, but also the most underrated one.

Most people use the microwave oven to heat ready meals or defrost food, but don’t see it as an appliance for cooking proper food.

This is really a shame as cooking food in the microwave has many advantages:

  • Tasty: food cooked in the microwave retains its natural taste and texture.
  • Quick: generally microwave cooking needs shorter cooking times than other cooking methods.
  • Healthy: most food retains more nutrients and vitamins when cooked in the microwave, as explained by the (see also e.g. [2,3,4,5]).
  • Eco: cooking in the microwave is generally more energy-efficient than cooking using a conventional oven or hob: according to a DEFRA study from 2008 [1], overall, the microwave oven has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Versatile: you have very accurate control over the heating level and cooking time.
  • Less messy: cooking in the microwave requires no fat and the food doesn’t stick to the pot.

So give the microwave a try for cooking food. It’s really easy. If you’re unsure, have a look at my recipes. I use the microwave in all of them.


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