The Recipes

The Recipes

Fuss-free food for one or two

All my recipes are for full meals for two people. All recipes are my own creation unless credited.

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Quick recipes

Cold pasta with raw carrots and mushrooms

20 minutes
As this is the hottest summer in 40 years, I wanted to make something refreshing. This is a cold pasta with raw carrots and raw chestnut mushrooms.

Orzo with broccoli and paneer

20 minutes
This is a surprising combination of orzo pasta with steamed broccoli and stir-fried paneer.

Risotto with green peas

30 minutes
Risotto is a popular Italian-style one-pan dish, delicious and easy to make.

Japanese recipes

Yakisoba with carrots and edamame

20 minutes
Yakisoba (焼きそば) means fried soba noodles. This is a stir fry of carrots and soy beams with soba noodles added to the pan.

Iridofu with carrots and shiitake

20 minutes
This is a variation on scrambled tofu iridoufu (炒り豆腐). I combined the tofu with stir-fried carrots and fresh shiitake and served it with rice.

Soy milk ramen

45 minutes
Ramen is a very popular dish in Japan, but usually not vegetarian. This is a delicious recipe for vegan ramen.


Sourdough starter

5 minutes per day
Making a sourdough starter is very easy.

Sourdough bread

4 hours prep, 60 mins baking
This is a relatively quick recipe for sourdough bread.


30 mins prep, 75 mins baking
A stollen is a rich fruit loaf, typical for the festive season. This recipe is based on a recipe for Dresdner Christmas stollen from an old cookbook.


Festive specials