Murakami meal #2: soba noodles, soy beans, tomato and carrot

Murakami meal #2: soba noodles, soy beans, tomato and carrot

This is the second of my Murakami meals. It’s a very quick meal, hardly any cooking at all!

         • 525 kcal per person  


For two people:

  • Main ingredients:
    • a pack of soba noodles
    • a cup of frozen soy beans
    • a large carrot
    • a tomato
    • half a teaspoon dried wakame seaweed
  • For seasoning I used:
    • some soy sauce
    • half a cm piece of ginger, thinly sliced
    • some rice vinegar
    • some ume vinegar


  • Soak the wakame seaweed in about half a liter of cold water for about 10 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, cook the soba noodles for 5 minutes on the hob. For a great explanation of how to cook soba noodles, see Makiko Ito’s site Just Hungry.
  • Meanwhile, cook the beans for 3 minutes in the microwave at full power (900W).
  • Wash and slice the tomato and the carrot.
  • Strain the wakame.
  • Serve in four bowls:
    • the carrots seasoned with ume vinegar and rice vinegar and a little soy sauce,
    • the tomato slices seasoned with rice vinegar and soy sauce,
    • the beans with soy sauce and some ginger,
    • the wakame seaweed.
  • Serve the noodles in bowls. Sprinkle with some shichimi, sesame seeds (irigoma) and soy sauce. おいしい!

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