Quick & Tasty

10 minutes

  Murakami meal #2: soba noodles, soy beans, tomato and carrot

15 minutes

  Linguine with cream, potatoes, asparagus and pesto

  Courgettes with feta and pine kernels, served with basmati rice

  Trofie, tomatoes and mozarella with a cream cheese dressing

  Rigatoni, chickpeas and cucumber with a miso dressing

  Carrot and chickpea stir-fry with maftoul

  Linguine al pesto Genovese

  Asparagus and paneer on a bed of rocket and courgettes

  Pasta with mozarella, tomatoes and antipasti

  Tomatoes with halloumi and pumpkin seeds, served with basmati rice

1h minutes

2 minutes

20 minutes

  Orzo with celeriac, mixed mushrooms and tofu sticks

  Aubergines and tofu sticks in Filipino-style creamy sauce

  Stir fry of carrots, courgettes and tofu sticks

  Cold pasta with raw carrots and mushrooms

  Yakisoba with carrots and edamame

  Nabe of yellow peppers, celeriac, shiitake and tofu with rice

  Parsnips, bananas, adzuki beans and rice

  Peppers, tofu, potatoes and black rice

  Iridofu with carrots and shiitake

  Murakami meal #4: Stir-fried potatoes with carrots and soy beans

  Parsnips, peppers and black beans with rice

  Butternut squash, pear and black-eyed bean stir-fry with brown rice

  Stir-fry of carrots, potatoes and chickpeas

  Orzo with broccoli and paneer

  Tortilla with mushrooms and pine nuts

  Stir-fried carrots with tofu-hummus and maftoul

  Cauliflower, potatoes and lentils

  Imam bayildi with couscous and feta

  Stuffed yellow peppers with chickpeas and rice

  Bananas, black-eyed beans, sweet potatoes and parsnips

  Mushrooms, apples and cranberries with fried chickpeas and rice

  Stuffed courgettes with gnocchi

  Nabe of carrots, potatoes, shiitake and tofu

  Aubergines, sweet potatoes, tofu and wakame with rice

30 minutes

  Green beans with paneer in tomato sauce

  Yellow peppers and tofu sticks in Filipino-style creamy sauce

  Aubergine salad

  Celeriac and mushrooms with lentils and rice

  Curry of potatoes, parsnips and chickpeas

  Fried potatoes with soy beans, peas and courgette in a mildly spicy sauce

  Curry of potatoes, spinach and chickpeas

  Udon with carrots and tofu skin knots in a mildly spicy sauce

  Risotto with parsnips and oyster mushrooms

  Yellow peppers, potatoes and Puy lentils

  Potato and vegetable bake with cream cheese

  Stir-fry of mixed mushrooms with black beans, celeriac and potatoes

  Tofu-hummus, fried potatoes and aubergines

  Risotto with green peas

  Curry of celeriac, spinach, mushrooms and paneer

  Japanese-style potato salad

  Mild curry with red lentils and rice

  Risotto with oyster mushrooms

  Mild root vegetable curry with paneer and rice

  Orzo with ricotta and mushrooms

  Aubergines, apples and chickpeas, served with rice

  Curry of potatoes, spinach and paneer

  Courgettes and mushrooms with Puy lentils and brown rice

4 minutes

45 minutes

  Okra with tomatoes and tofu sticks

  Greek-style green beans in tomato sauce with feta and rice

  Japanese-style risotto of black rice, mixed mushrooms and aubergines

  Soy milk ramen

  Stir-fry of tofu, potatoes and carrots

  Festive bake with aubergines, mushrooms and cream

5 minutes

60 minutes

  Pasta with carrots and mung beans

  Aubergines stuffed with stir-fried cauliflower and potato gratin